Two Men Injured while Riding ATVs in Raleigh County, West Virginia

1094665_quad_rally.jpgAll terrain vehicles, also known as ATVs, provide people hours of outdoor entertainment, and are an excellent way to get around in the back country. Unfortunately, these vehicles can also be quite dangerous, and a recent story in the State Journal shows just how hazardous four-wheelers can be. This past week, there were two separate accidents involving people riding quads in Raleigh County, West Virginia that resulted in injuries for two riders. One accident occurred in Arnett and the other occurred in Fairdale — both involved male riders who were taken to the hospital for medical treatment, though the extent of their injuries was not reported.

Such accidents can be caused by riders operating four-wheelers in an unsafe manner, but mechanical malfunctions can also occur and cause crashes. We do not know exactly what brought about the accidents reported in the article above. However, if they were caused by a defect in the quads’ manufacture or design, the two men who were hurt may have valid product liability claims. Such claims can be brought against the ATV manufacturer or the dealer where they bought their vehicles, but proving liability in such cases is not easy. In order to succeed, injured parties must show that the allegedly defective ATVs in question were not reasonably safe for their intended use.

A skilled West Virginia products liability lawyer has the legal knowledge and advocacy skills to help those who have been injured by defective products. If you have been injured by a malfunctioning product of any kind, it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can perform the necessary investigation into your accident to gather the evidence needed to make sound and compelling legal arguments that will get you the compensation you deserve.