Reckless Driving Causes Traffic Accident in Parkersburg, West Virginia Injures Two

671890_car_accident.jpgThis past week, a two car accident occurred in Parkersburg, West Virginia that resulted in two people being sent to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries. The Parkersburg News and Sentinel reports that the crash occurred on Murdoch Avenue in the middle of the afternoon. A driver sideswiped a vehicle going in the opposite direction and subsequently struck a telephone pole. Fortunately, the driver in the sideswiped car was unharmed, but both the driver of the car who caused the accident and her passenger were taken to the emergency room for treatment. The driver was also cited for reckless driving, failure to maintain control of her vehicle, and an improper lane change.

In the accident described above, the driver who sideswiped the other car received multiple traffic citations. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but it is important to note that receiving a traffic ticket does not mean that the recipient is automatically liable in a civil suit should any of the victims pursue a legal claim to recover their damages. Under the rules of evidence, such citations may be used to help prove that person was at fault, but the ticket by itself does not prove that a person is liable in a civil action.

That is why the services of a West Virginia traffic accident attorney are so valuable to anyone who has been the victim of an automobile wreck. An experienced car accident attorney who is familiar with the West Virginia rules of evidence can help you assemble and use the facts involved in any case effectively. These rules can be quite complex in the way that they are applied by the courts, and without the skills and legal knowledge of a lawyer, the evidence a victim needs to recover her damages could be excluded by the judge.