Tractor-Trailers Overturn on I-77 South of Charleston, West Virginia: Negligent Cargo Loading or Driver Negligence May be to Blame

584005_truck_accident.jpgFor the second time in three days, a tractor trailer has overturned on West Virginia’s roads and spilled a load of steel onto the highway. The Charleston Daily Mail reports that Wednesday’s accident happened on the southbound lanes of I-77 caused a truck hauling steel plates to overturn and block both lanes of traffic. Now this afternoon, WSAZ reports that a similar accident occurred when a semi-truck hauling steel coil flipped while driving northbound on I-77. Authorities stated that both accidents occurred due to a shift of the steel loads each driver was carrying. Luckily, neither driver was hurt, nor was anyone else injured in the crashes.

Stories like these show us all just how dangerous driving at highway speeds can be. In both of the accidents described above, the truck in question was coming around a curve at speed when its load shifted and caused each truck to roll over. In both cases it is possible that either their loads were not strapped to the truck securely enough, or the driver was operating the truck at an unsafe speed while turning. Were anyone else was caught up in the debris or struck the overturned vehicle, the driver and the people who loaded the steel could be liable for the damages suffered by the victim because such accidents rarely occur in the absence of negligence.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a semi-truck accident, you should contact a West Virginia tractor-trailer accident attorney to help you determine if you have a viable claim. Your lawyer can investigate the causes of your accident and help you build a successful legal case to help you pay for your damages. Proving negligence requires the keen legal knowledge and skilled advocacy that an attorney can provide, so you should retain a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident occurs.