Bluefield Traffic Accident Injures Two City Employees

250307_wrecked_beemer.jpgA serious traffic accident occurred in Bluefield, West Virginia last week that resulted in two people being hospitalized. According to a report by CBS affiliate WVNS, two Bluefield city employees were in a municipal truck Wednesday afternoon when the employee driving the pick-up blacked out. Subsequently, the truck collided with two parked cars and crashed into the front of an unoccupied home after the driver lost consciousness. It appears that the injuries were not life threatening, but both passengers were taken to the Bluefield Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Car and truck accidents happen with alarming frequency on West Virginia’s roads, and while the cause of the accident discussed above is atypical of most crashes, the end result is the same. Both the driver and the passenger were injured in the wreck, and we here at the Wolfe Law Firm hope that none of the injuries sustained by the victims were serious. This news story shows that car crashes don’t always happen because a driver failed to pay attention to the road or because of vehicle malfunctions. In cases such as these — where the cause may not be readily evident, but the victims’ injuries are — it is always best to consult with a West Virginia car accident attorney as soon as you can. With the cost of medical treatment escalating, you have to look out for your best interests, and retaining an attorney gives you the best shot at protecting yourself. You don’t have to deal with the aftermath on your own when you can hire a trained advocate to help guide you and get the compensation you deserve.