West Huntington Car Accident Causes Injuries; Alcohol a Factor in Crash

274334_car_crash.jpgA recent report from WSAZ.com states that police believe alcohol played a role in causing a traffic accident that occurred in West Huntington this week, and an arrest may be forthcoming as a result. The wreck was allegedly caused by a driver who ran a red light and collided with two sport utility vehicles in the middle of the intersection of Adams Ave. and 14th St. West. Several people were injured in the accident, including an individual who was thrown from one car by the impact. Emergency personnel responded to help the victims, and while some of their injuries were serious, none were life threatening.

Driving is a dangerous enough activity even when there is no mind altering substances involved, and the news story above shows how hazardous the roads can be when people do drive under the influence. All of us at the Wolfe Law Firm hope for the speedy recovery of the victims from the crash, but their circumstances provide a stark reminder to all of us why it is important to be careful when on West Virginia’s roads. Unfortunately, defensive driving is not always enough to prevent such accidents from occurring, and there will always be many people who are injured by drunk drivers each year. If you or a loved one has suffered because of the careless actions of a drunk driver, you should contact a West Virginia drunk driving victim attorney as soon as possible. The criminal justice system may provide some peace of mind, but it cannot fully compensate you for your injuries, and a lawyer can analyze your situation to help get you as fully compensated as the law allows.