Road Work on West Virginia Bridge is Completed, but Citizens Concerned that Dangers Persist

1025128_bridge_and_water.jpgWVNS has recently reported a story that may be the first of its kind, as many residents of Willow Wood, West Virginia are upset that roadwork on a community bridge recently stopped after several years of construction. The complaints are not about the bridge itself, but the new traffic pattern at the intersection adjacent to the bridge. People unhappy with the bridge fear that the newly constructed interchange that requires a sharp turn to head towards nearby Forrest Hills, West Virginia will eventually cause a major accident. The Division of Highways has stated that the bridge interchange was designed to prevent traffic from backing up and sitting on the span, which could cause undue stress to the structure and significantly reduce the length of the bridge’s life.

No wrecks have occurred since the construction stopped, and we here at the Wolfe Law Firm hope that there are no accidents near the bridge in the future. However, this news story does provide the opportunity to speak about issues that may not arise in the average automobile accident. Situations like the one in Willow Wood illustrate the potential for accidents caused by road and bridge design, as opposed to driver negligence, which is a much more common cause of accidents. When crashes happen under these conditions, it is extremely important to contact a West Virginia car crash attorney as soon as possible afterward. A lawyer can evaluate the circumstances that led to your injuries and help you pursue all the parties at fault. With an attorney’s help, you have a better chance of protecting your interests and obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries.