Dog Warns Family of Charleston House Fire, Saves the People but not the Home

Last week in Charleston, West Virginia a family was saved from almost certain death by their dog. According to a report from WTVM, the family’s house caught on fire while the people inside were sleeping, and they were saved by the cries of the family dog. Upon waking up, the victims found that the attic of the house was already engulfed by the blaze, but thankfully all members of the family (including Fancy the dog) were able to escape the tragedy unharmed. Unfortunately, fire crews did not arrive in time to prevent the house from being completely consumed by the fire.

293052_burning_hause.jpgThe family was extremely fortunate to survive such a harrowing ordeal, and we here at the Wolfe Law Firm are glad that no one was harmed in the fire, but the story is a cautionary tale for all homeowners. The victims of this fire had failed to install a smoke detector, and it wound up costing them their home and worldly possessions. Even if you have taken appropriate measures to guard against fire hazards, malfunctioning smoke detectors, faulty wiring, and a host of other misfortunes can befall any homeowner. When the worst-case scenario occurs and you or a loved one have been harmed, seeking the advice of a legal professional is always a good idea. A West Virginia fire injury lawyer can assess your situation and provide guidance to protect your interests and help get you compensated for your loss.