Winter Ice Creating Dangerous Conditions on West Virginia’s Roads

1293439_the_netherlands_-_dutch_landscape.jpgNow that the calendar has hit December and winter is officially upon us, icy roads are becoming a greater danger for West Virginia’s drivers. WTAP Parkersburg reports that several accidents have already occurred this month on Interstate 77 due to icy conditions.

A two vehicle accident occurred near Macksburg when a pickup truck hit an ice patch in the southbound lane, spun into the median and hit another car. The driver of the truck and her infant son were injured, but the driver of the car escaped the incident unscathed. Two other accidents on I-77 also occurred the first weekend of the month, though no injuries resulted from the wrecks. Highway Patrol officers are investigating the accidents and had advice for driving in winter weather. In order to be safe on the roads this winter, Ohio State Troopers advise citizens to take more time while driving and maintain a greater distance between cars when driving in traffic. Because the weather can make it more difficult to stop, drivers should do what they can to ensure that they have time to stop if needed to avoid trouble on the roads.

Many people travel to see family during the holiday season, and the Wolfe Law Firm hopes that everyone will heed the sage advice of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and drive safely this winter. However, as the previous news story reports, accidents can and do happen when the roads ice over. If you or a family member has been in an accident because of icy conditions or for another reason, you should consult a West Virginia automobile accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your interests are protected.