Man Dies in Construction Accident

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has reported that a man was killed in an industrial accident in Kearneysville West Virginia earlier this week. Unfortunately, the man lost his life when a twenty ton drilling rig fell off of a truck and he was pinned underneath. The man was working for a construction company based in Maryland that is building a facility for the Internal Revenue Service. Company officials are unsure what caused the accident, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was notified of the incident.

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 4,300 people died in workplace accidents last year. While governmental entities like OSHA exist to promote and regulate workplace safety initiatives, their efforts can never be successful one hundred percent of the time. Accidents happen on the job for numerous reasons, including equipment malfunctions and unsafe working conditions, and in many cases the cause of the injury may give rise to a legal case.

1265719_construction_in_progress.jpgIf you were injured at work or had a loved one pass away from an accident on the job, contacting a West Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney can help. A lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of the incident and explain both the rights of those affected and the best course of action going forward. The emotional damage is great when a loved one dies and the financial damages caused by the loss of the departed’s income may become a burden as well. A lawyer can help reduce the adverse economic impact through the legal system, so retaining legal counsel should be a priority for those who survive the victim.