Be Safe This Hunting Season

Hunting season is upon us and because the use of firearms will increase as a result of the season, it is important to remember to be safe when stalking your next 12 point buck. Each year there are hunting accidents in West Virginia, and many of those accidents could be prevented by following some basic hunting safety tips. Hunters are aware of the law that requires them to wear blaze orange clothing to avoid being mistaken for a deer or other wildlife, but bright clothing is only one precaution among many that allows you to hunt safely. In addition, you should treat every gun as if it were loaded and never point a gun at anything you do not want to shoot. West Virginia’s Division of Natural Resources (DNR) requires that every hunter complete a hunter education course before purchasing a hunting license, but it is always a good idea to review the safety tips in the Ten Commandments of Gun Safety before getting out there this season.

1320190_fighting_deer.jpgGun-related injuries and deaths are not the only danger to hunters. Whether you are hunting on private or public lands, you should always be aware of your surroundings. The hunting premises itself may pose a significant risk of injury from unsafe trails or other property hazards, particularly for hunters who use ATV’s to get around. For those hunters who use tree stands, checking to ensure that your equipment is maintained and in good working order should be a priority, as an equipment failure could result in a serious injury.

If you or anyone you know has been injured in a hunting accident, you should seek legal counsel immediately. A knowledgeable West Virginia personal injury attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your situation to provide sound legal advice and options for recovering for your damages. Hunting accidents don’t happen often, but when they do, an attorney can help.