West Virginia Bus Accident Injures 21


A car-bus accident on September 28, 2010 in Wyoming County, West Virginia resulted the hospitalization of 21 people. The bus accident occurred early in the morning on Tuesday near McGraws. The bus was headed to Saulsville from a Glen Rogers-based residential facility around 8:30a.m. It was carrying 19 people, all of whom were injured when the bus collided with a passenger car that crossed the center line heading in the opposite direction.

The car hit the front of the bus, causing the bus to careen over an embankment and land some 30 feet away. 18 of the bus’s passengers lived at Mullens Manor, a center that caters to the needs of adults with mental and physical disabilities. Though they were all taken to nearby facilities for examination, none suffered life-threatening injuries. The bus driver and two people inside the other car were rushed to Welch Emergency in Raleigh and Beckley Appalachian Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Officials believe that wet road conditions may have contributed to the accident, although driver error has not been ruled out. An ongoing investigation will produce more conclusive results.

Being injured in a bus accident can be a tricky situation. Often times, passengers of buses will incur medical bills for treatment and ongoing therapy far after the accident is over. In these cases, it is necessary to hire a reliable accident attorney who can help you recover damages to pay for your expenses that are caused by someone else’s negligence. Even in cases where weather is a factor, you may have legal recourse.