Toyota Admits Error in Black Box Readers


Only months after claiming that their “black box” recorders pointed to human error that caused sudden acceleration in a number of their vehicles, Toyota Motor Corp. recently acknowledged that there was actually a software bug in the device used to read that data. Since the discovery, Toyota says that the manufacturer has corrected the problem. The company also states that the software problem never affected readings for pedal and brake application, which were the primary indicators of the potential causes of sudden acceleration.

Still, the acknowledgement of this faulty software is casting new doubts on whether or not human error was actually the cause of many of the out of control Toyotas on the road in the past few months, or if it was indeed a manufacturer defect. The black boxes, also known as Event Data Recorders, or EDRs, have been the symbol of safety that Toyota has been using to bolster the company’s image against a string of lawsuits. Toyota has recalled more than 11 million vehicles in the last year and is contending with hundreds of lawsuits.

In many cases, product manufacturers can often be found liable for injury or wrongful death, even when automakers are found not guilty of negligence or endangerment. If you or someone you love has been injured in a recalled Toyota vehicle, it is imperative that you contact a West Virginia auto accident attorney immediately. You only have a certain amount of time to file suit in these types of cases, so don’t delay.