Malpractice Suit Against West Virginia Prenatal Doctor Seeks $2.5 Mil

A West Virginia woman is seeking $2.5 million after she claims that her prenatal doctor caused her to lose her unborn baby in 2009. Moorfield resident Amy Welton filed a malpractice suit against Dr. George M. Craft and his employer, Winchester Women’s Specialists PC. Winchester is an OB/GYN who treated Welton starting in December of 2008, when she found out she was eight weeks pregnant.

At that time, Welton had known risk factors that contributed to her pregnancy, including advanced age (she was 41 years old) and gestational diabetes. She was cared for by Dr. Craft through August 5, 2009, when she attended her final prenatal visit prior to a scheduled cesarean section. During the appointment, Welton’s blood pressure was recorded to be 138/94, which doctors classify as elevated. She also informed Dr. Craft that she was concerned because she noticed decreased movement of her baby. According to the lawsuit, Dr. Craft failed to take any action to determine the baby’s wellbeing, despite Welton’s known elevated blood pressure and risk factors.

On August 7th, Welton was admitted to Winchester Medical Center for her c-section procedure. The suit states: “no fetal heart tones could be documented and intrauterine fetal demise was subsequently verified by ultrasound.” Welton and her lawyers claim that the doctor was “negligent and deviated from the standard of care applicable to his care and treatment of the Plaintiff.”

Welton claims that Dr. Craft failed to diagnose Welton’s risk factors in combination with her concerns about her baby’s lack of movement. She is also suing for severe and permanent injury suffered as a result of losing her baby. Malpractice cases can be tough to prove without the aid of a qualified attorney, so if you think you have a case against a doctor, be sure to seek legal counsel immediately.