Firemen’s Association Fights Workers Comp Cuts

759830_fire_brigade.jpgAccording to The Journal newspaper, the West Virginia State Firemen’s Association recently secured wide-reaching liability coverage for volunteer fire departments in the state through next year. The decision comes on the heels of a crisis over workers compensation premiums and liability coverage throughout the state.

The battle over workers comp premiums began in July 2010, when fire departments statewide were told that they would have to pay nearly double their rates under a policy with Brickstreet Mutual Co. As a result, many agencies expected that they would not be able to afford the new coverage. In turn, firefighters feared job injury claims would be denied, and for men and women who are constantly in the line of danger, this issue became a major concern.

Employers Cutting Back on Liability Coverage Nationwide Organizations and companies across the country are experiencing severe cutbacks in many employee services and it’s taking a toll on the American worker. Many people don’t have adequate health care coverage and with workers comp programs being cut drastically, many injured workers don’t have anywhere to turn after an accident on the job.

If you have been disabled or hurt at work, you must contact a lawyer immediately. A lawyer can help determine whether or not you’re getting all the money you deserve. Even if you’ve been offered a settlement, it’s critical that you contact a legal professional before you agree to any deal to help ensure that you and your family are taken care of while you heal.