Tyler County Steps up Drunk Driver Patrols, Citations

TylerStarNews.com reports that the Tyler County Sheriff’s office participated in a state-funded drunk driving crackdown from February 1 to June 30 of this year. Results from the federally funded grant program of the State of West Virginia turned up hundreds of traffic stops and several arrests of drunk drivers in the Tyler County jurisdiction.

During the period of the program, Sheriff Bob Kendle of the Tyler County Sheriff’s office said the purpose of the project was to add patrol to combat drunk driving. Sheriffs made a total of 522 traffic stops, three DUI arrests, 10 misdemeanor arrests, two felony arrests and two drug-related arrests. Deputies reported handing out 53 traffic violations and 344 warnings as well.

Tyler County, West Virginia has been experiencing a spike in drunk driving incidents and the Sheriff’s office hopes this program will be a deterrent to people who drink and drive. All of the above listed statistics were in addition to traditional on-duty arrests and citations, so there was a very evident increase in the police presence in the area.

The long-term results of this study remain to seen, but drunk drivers throughout West Virginia can expect more and more police presence as grants like this one continue to be used by local law enforcement. If you’ve been arrested for DUI or falsely accused of DUI, it’s important that you have a DUI lawyer on your side to defend your case. With increased enforcement of drunk driving laws in West Virginia, the penalties can be steep for DUI and related charges.