Check for Recalls on Summer Toys for Children

1225006_jacks.jpgWith summer officially here, many West Virginia parents are stocking up on all types of toys to entertain antsy children over the summer months. New bicycles, playground equipment, games and other items can create hours of fun for young people, but they can also be very dangerous. As a parent, it is crucial that you check for recalls on new and old toys periodically to safeguard your children from potential dangers.

Both the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and, a collaborative website from six different federal safety agencies, list current and past recalls for products sold in the United States. On both of these sites, you can find specific recalls by brand and type. Toys and other products can be recalled for a myriad of reasons, including high levels of toxic ingredients (like lead or mercury), choking hazards, flammability hazards, laceration hazards and potentially dangerous chemical ingredients.

Investigate Safety Before You Buy
When you’re shopping for summer toys for your family, be sure to consider a few things before you buy any toys:

– Are the toys age-appropriate for your children? Toys must be clearly labeled for use by a certain age group, so be sure your child is old enough to use the toy safely.
– Make sure the toy is BPA (bisphenol A) and lead-free. These ingredients are toxic to children, even in small amounts.
– Are there any small parts that might present a choking hazard to your child? Do any parts break off easily or come apart to present a hazard?

If a toy, regardless of a recall, injures your child, you must contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. Toy manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the safe use of their products and they can often be held liable for injuries caused by their items.