Motorcycle Safety Courses Can Decrease WV Accident Rates

A West Virginia motorcycle safety course is helping to decrease accident rates statewide, according to a recent article on the News and On May 19, 2010, the news outlet reported that a non-profit motorcycle safety and training course called The West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program is offering free weekend classes for beginners and experienced riders from now until October.

Funded by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the program includes classes such as a Basic Rider Course and an Experienced Rider Course. Each class is taught at one of seven sites throughout the state, including a 24,200 square-foot outdoor site on the campus of West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Motorcycle drivers will learn safety techniques, riding skills and defensive driving methods through a combination of outdoor drills, exercises and indoor classroom work. Courses are taught either over one day (Experienced Course) or over the course of two days (Basic Course), and always over the weekend.

Those who complete the coursework will receive completion cards. These cards can then be used at the DMV in order to waive the mandatory skills test required to obtain a motorcycle license.

The need to reduce motorcycle accidents in West Virginia is being addressed by not only the DMV, but also by the staff at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, who actually developed the curriculum for both courses. The foundation has been around for more than three decades and is committed to reducing the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities in the state every year.

Even with efforts like this, sadly, accidents still happen. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a West Virginia personal injury lawyer to help you fight for your rights.