When a Dog Bites Another Dog and Other Animal Altercations

Every state has its own set of rules for dog bites, and West Virginia is no exception. Strange but true animal stories are often difficult to try in court, and it takes an experienced personal injury attorney to successfully argue these types of cases. For instance, when your dog bites another person, you know that you can be held liable. However, what happens when your dog bites another dog, who is responsible?

The answer is: it depends. Some towns have ordinances holding the more aggressive dog responsible, even if that dog is injured as well. Other local governments rely on the rule that the owner of the dog that was not injured is liable, regardless of which dog started the fight. Generally speaking, though, the owner of the dog who caused the injuries is liable to pay for the other dog’s vet bills. In the cases in which both dogs have vet bills, the case can be more complicated. Similarly, other unusual animal injuries can be just as confusing to sort out.

Instead of trying to defend yourself against an angry dog owner, talk to a lawyer who can help you figure out what you are liable for in your particular situation. Before you accept responsibility, it’s a good idea to get witness statements and a professional opinion from an attorney who can accurately diagnose fault. Especially in cases where dogs or other animals receive fatal injuries, you’ve got to have legal representation on your side.