Tracking Down Hit-And-Run Drivers

crashed_car.jpgHit-and-run drivers are responsible for one out of every eight traffic accidents in West Virginia, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Hit-and-run drivers are those who leave the scene of an accident without stopping after a collision. The reasons vary, but many drivers flee accident scenes because they don’t have state-required insurance; others leave the scene simply because they panic. Either way, a hit-and-run accident can be quite devastating to your car and your sense of security.

Hire a Lawyer to Help Track Down a Hit-and-Run Driver
A lawyer can work with an accident reconstruction expert to figure out exactly what took place and to find clues that can help locate the negligent driver. Time is of the essence in accident reconstruction, so it’s crucial that you hire an auto accident attorney immediately so that you can collect the most supporting evidence for your case:

Witness Accounts – Even though they may not have come out to help you, people in neighboring homes or businesses likely saw what happened during your accident. They may be able to provide identifying information about the hit-and-run driver’s car, appearance and direction of travel after the accident.

Accident Scene Evidence – At the scene of the accident, you might be able to find clues that can help you track down the other driver, such as evidence of paint transfer on property, broken car parts and even apparel lost during the accident. In New Jersey, a driver was captured when police found his license plate on the scene after he’d knocked down a telephone pole.

Security Camera Footage – Local business owners or homeowners may have been operating closed-circuit security cameras near your accident scene. Especially in parking lots or industrial areas, there is usually a high concentration of security cameras.