Facing the Fear of Suing Large Corporations

corporation.jpgIf you’ve experienced a slip and fall injury at a grocery store, department store or other large retailer in West Virginia, you may not be sure what course of action to take. The fear of having to sue a large corporation for a slip and fall injury can be daunting, knowing that they have virtually unlimited legal resources. But don’t be discouraged – an experienced personal injury attorney understands that corporations, no matter what their size, are responsible when people are injured on their property due to negligence.

The best way to face your fears about suing a corporation is by being prepared. By law, corporations have to pay damages to cover medical and related costs of a slip and fall injury that is their fault, just like anyone else. In order to prepare your case, you will need to work with a lawyer to complete the following steps:

1. File your claim within two years. In West Virginia, this is the statue of limitations on personal injuries, so you must act quickly in order to recover damages.
2. Gather all pertinent information, such as medical bills, treatment reports and doctor testimonials. Take photos throughout the recovery process to document your injuries.
3. Acquire the contact information from all witnesses and collect their official statements. The sooner you do this, the better; some people’s memories will fail them after a while.
4. Collect evidence to show that the corporation was at fault for your slip and fall. If you can, return to the scene to take pictures of the accident site that show the unsafe conditions, missing signage or other proof of negligence.