Protect Your Children Against Halloween Product Defects

halloween.jpgIt’s that time of year again in West Virginia–Halloween time! All the ghouls and goblins are preparing to make their yearly appearances and the pumpkins are being carefully carved. And, just like every year, Halloween is a festive time when a barrage of holiday-themed products hit the market, with retailers marketing everything from costumes to makeup to prosthetics and candy. It seems like you can buy an endless number of Halloween party favors, hats, trick gadgets and clothing. However, because some of the products offered at this time of year are cheaply constructed and hurriedly produced, it’s also the time of year when many people experience personal injuries due to product defects.

Halloween products are often used around pumpkins and other objects that include candles and flames. Many toys and costumes present serious fire hazards to small children, so it’s vital that you only purchase items that are clearly marked as flame-retardant. Even then, you have to keep a close eye on children in order to prevent accidents from happening.

According to annual toy recall lists published by Consumer Reports, many recalled Halloween toys have recently been pulled off the shelves for concerns over choking hazards, lead-based paint and fire hazards. Removing these items from your home can prevent personal injuries and even wrongful death claims.

Personal injuries around Halloween are enough to ruin any holiday celebrations. If you have questions regarding a personal injury case in West Virginia, contact an experienced lawyer who can help you sort your case details to make sense of it all.